What is LINE-X?

Protect Your Vehicle With LINE-X Spray-On Coating

Learn why many Davenport, IA residents swear by this product

LINE-X protective coating is made from 100% polyurea, a durable material that can withstand harsh chemicals, fire damage and UV radiation. When used in truck bedliners, LINE-X products provide the toughest corrosion and impact resistance available on the market. That's why LINE-X coating is among the best-selling spray-on truck bedliners in the industry.

LINE-X Of The Quad Cities is an authorized LINE-X dealer in Davenport, Iowa. We can apply LINE-X protective coating to your truck bed. Call us at 563-445-4639 today to get a quote.

It has all kinds of uses

You can coat your cooler, propane tank, vehicle fender, bumper, grille guard and trailer with LINE-X products. In fact, this spray-on coating protects wood, metal, masonry, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass and Styrofoam. Here's how:

  • It offers extreme impact and abrasion resistance.
  • It dampens noises and vibrations.
  • It's flame-retardant and UV-resilient.

Plus, LINE-X products are environmentally friendly and come in different colors. You can even choose coatings that cure quickly. Contact LINE-X Of The Quad Cities in Davenport, Iowa today to learn more about LINE-X protective coating applications.