Protect Your Vehicle With a Rustproof Coating or Undercoating in Davenport, IA

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When it comes to protecting your vehicle from the weather and elements like rust, it’s important to find a durable undercoating. When you invest in rust prevention services at Line-X, you are sure to maintain the like-new condition of your vehicle for years to come.

Line-X is known for providing some of the most rust-resistant undercoatings that can be applied to nearly anything.

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Learn what makes Line-X so popular

Learn what makes Line-X so popular

For years, we have been satisfying customers in Davenport, IA with quality spray-on bedliners. Rust can affect your car on a daily basis so it is essential that you consider rust protection products to extend the life of your vehicle.

At Line-X, our process includes treatment of the inside and underbody of your vehicle to prevent rust from occurring in the future.

Our protective undercoatings are not just used on truck bedliners, but actually serve many other purposes. They have commonly been used to safeguard:

  • Bridges
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction tools

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